What is MinistrySafe? 

MinistrySafe is required abuse prevention system for all churches in the Central Texas Conference (CTC). MinistrySafe provides churches a comprehensive system of resources to assist in the design and implementation of safety systems, which reduce the risk of sexual abuse of children, youth, and certain vulnerable persons (see FAQ for explanation). The MinistrySafe system includes these foundational components:
  • A MinistrySafe policy in each congregation;
  • Volunteer/staff screening, including an application, interview and reference check;
  • Appropriate criminal background check for volunteers/staff;
  • Online training for volunteers/staff;
  • A unique control panel for each church to assist in record keeping during each part of the process, and automatic renewal of training
  • Monitoring tools for periodic review of the system.


​New MinistrySafe Policies Approved at Annual Conference 2019

  MinistrySafe Policy Updates for 2020

At the 2019 Annual Conference, the body approved a significant MinistrySafe policy update that will become effective for all CTC churches on January 1, 2020. Details can be found in the 2019 Preliminary Report. An explanation  begins on page 111. The new policy will not affect the way your church does background checks or the online sexual abuse awareness training. 

All CTC Churches are REQUIRED to use the MinistrySafe system. Proof of MinistrySafe compliance is required for all conference and district events (see 2014 Journal page 347).