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Bishop Lowry’s 2016 Brown Bag Book Study concluded on March 17 after five consecutive weeks. Bishop Lowry would like to thank all those who participated either in person, via live webcast or by downloading and reviewing at another time for making the second annual BBBBS a wonderful time of learning and sharing. Plans are underway for the next series, so watch ctcumc.org for details.

If you'd like to review any of the spring 2016 lessons, just click on the media download link below.



The focus of the 2016 Brown Bag study was on John Stott’s book Basic Christianity. To give you a glimpse into the subject matter, here is a brief snippet from InterVarsity Press:

Named a "Book of the Century" by Christianity Today

"If Jesus was not God in human flesh, Christianity is exploded," writes John Stott. "We are left with just another religion with some beautiful ideas and noble ethics; its unique distinction has gone."

Who is Jesus Christ? If he is not who he said he was, and if he did not do what he said he had come to do, the whole superstructure of Christianity crumbles in ruin. Is it plausible that Jesus was truly divine? And what would that mean for us?

John Stott's clear, classic book examines the historical facts on which Christianity stands. Here is a sound, sensible guide for all who seek an intellectually satisfying explanation of the Christian faith.

You can purchase a copy of Basic Christianity at most book retailers. However, Bishop Lowry has worked with Cokesbury to make the book available for $4.99 per book. Just go to cokesbury.com and place your order; no special code is required.