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Advent Message 2015

To view Bishop Lowry's 2015 Message for Advent, click the play arrow below or go to the Central Texas Conference Vimeo page. To download the video to be shown during a worship service or in a small group setting, visit the Central Texas Conference Vimeo page, click the download tab below the video and select the appropriate file size for your needs.

Downloads can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours depending on your internet speed.

Bishop Mike Lowry, episcopal leader of the Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church delivers his annual message for Advent and reminds that the Lord Jesus Christ was born in a time similar to our own - a time of political unrest, oppression, terrorism and change. He also reminds that the hope and promise that came with the birth of the Christ child more than 2000 years ago rings as true and necessary today as it did on that Silent Night long ago.