Healthy Church Initiative

CTC Healthy Church InitiativeNot a Program, but a PROCESS
The Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) is not just another program for the local church. At its core, HCI is a process geared toward transformation which seeks to energize and equip churches to fulfill The Great Commission.


HCI Phases
Through a combination of peer learning experiences, consultation and coaching, the HCI process has 3 distinct phases. Learn more about the HCI process.

  • Phase 1: Shared Learning with Leadership Development
    • Through Pastoral Leadership Development (PLD) and Lay Leadership Development (LLD) programs and Small Church Initiative Workshops (SCI), HCI trains individuals to become leaders that are truly mission-focused. 
  • Phase 2: Self-Study & Consultation
    • When a church votes to proceed into consultation, the first step is for the church leadership to complete a thorough Self-Study. Next, an on-site visit—consisting of interviews, focus groups and workshops—is led by an experienced team of consultants.  The consultation results in a report outlining strengths, concerns and prescriptions with incremental steps toward transformation.
  • Phase 3: Implementation with Coaching
    • Upon acceptance of the report and action plan, a church coach works with the church for 12-18 months to help the leadership stay on task, navigate any potential stumbling blocks, celebrate wins, and ultimately to fulfill the plan outlined in the report.

For an overview of the entire HCI process and timeline, download the HCI Summary document (PDF).


Large Church Initiative
The Large Church Initiative (LCI) focuses on mid- to large-size churches with an average worship attendance of 100 and above.

Small Church Initiative
The Small Church Initiative (SCI) focuses on the unique needs of churches with an average worship attendance of less than 100.The Small Church Initiative (SCI) workshops begin in January each year.


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